Monday Mailbag – We’re Back (A Dinosaur Story?)

Monday Mailbag – We’re Back (A Dinosaur Story?)

Numerous greetings and salutations upon you. Welcome to our first Mailbag Monday.

Let’s get this rolling shall we?

Favourite temperature and cut of steak?

Gonna go with the assumption that the temperature refers to the steak and not weather but I’ll answer it both ways.

For steak, I love a medium-rare prime rib cut. It’s juicy and with the right sides (mushrooms, a nice red-wine sauce) there is no better bang for your dinner buck.

Also, I like those stupid minute steaks that they sell at grocery stores. A few years ago my fiance went on vacation with her mom. We’ve lived together for about 8 years now so I basically morph into a gross bachelor version of myself when she’s not around. For three of the five days she was gone, my diet was entirely chips, things that could go in the microwave and those minute steaks, cooked for way too long in the frying pan and coated with way too much Montreal Steak Spice. To ensure a proper and balanced meal, I’d add some instant mashed potatoes to this and call it a day.

For temperature outside? I like the fall. As a kid, I was all about winter but the older I get, the more I realise winter is for young people. Living in an apartment and having a dog cements this. -40 out? Dog still needs to go for a walk. God damn it. You probably want a number so…let’s roll with 17 degrees (Celsius. I’m Canadian and your Fahrenheit measurement can go straight to hell.)

What inspired the comeback and what’s been your favourite horror related thing this year?

To be honest, the untimely death of Deadspin inspired it. We’ve been dormant for a long time but I’d selfishly like to think that we did good things at our height. I’d like to get back to that. I feel like there’s an opening for what we used to be before it burnt me out. Exciting things are coming.

My favourite horror related thing this year has been Starfish. It’s a cosmic horror movie about grief. It’s immensely beautiful and I can’t recommend it enough. Please seek it out and give it a watch.

I’ll also add Spinning to this. It’s a horrific thing but also the best thing in the world? On paper it’s everything I hate. Small room, lots of people, weird music; but the reality of it is tremendous. I go about 4 times a week now with my fiance and I’ve lost 35 pounds since I started. That counts right? Fuck it. I’m counting it, it’s my god-damned mailbag answer.

Last book that scared you?

The Troop by Nick Cutter.

Although I wouldn’t say scared so much as disturbed. I feel like I’ve been reading and watching horror for so much of my life now that it’s pretty hard to get a genuine scare out of me. I find it especially hard with writing. It’s a good book though, and being Canadian I appreciated a lot of the little things that only a Canadian would understand. A character living off of Player’s Light Cigarettes for instance.

When I used to smoke (it’s been about 3 years since I quit) I’d always snag a pack of Export A Green after one of the many, many failed attempts to kick the habit. We call those “The green death” because of how strong they are. It’s not a habit I miss.

Best horror movie you’ve seen this year?

Gonna go with Starfish as an answer again here. I was intrigued by the concept and lucky enough to get a screener copy before release. I saw it back in February and nothing I’ve seen since has dethroned it.

Horror is a perfect genre for tackling the emotions people tend to shy away from, so I’ve always been a sucker for a good emotional horror movie. Grieving over lost friends and trying to make sense of people you know dying young is something I’ve had to do way too much of in my life so Starfish really struck a chord with me.


And with that, we conclude our first Mailbag Monday. Got a question you want answered? Hit us up on our twitter, or leave a comment below.

Enjoy your week and whatever it is you set out to do,  I hope you kick its ass.


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